Police Emergencies and non-urgent problems. Police Non-Emergency Number: 101 if there is no urgency, otherwise call 999

There is a is a fully automated system to register your business or home onto various "watch" schemes providing you with messages relating to any suspicious activity or opportunist crime in your area. This is to be found at http://www.cumbriacommunitymessaging.co.uk/. It also enables you to report any suspicious activity in your area immediately to the Police and other users of the schemes. If you have any information you wish to share but do not want to be seen at home then please feel free to e-mail at AllerdaleRuralNpt@cumbria.police.uk More information is on the Cumbria Police website at http://www.cumbria.police.uk/

Support the First Responders

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Link to Allerdale Borough Council for Refuse Collection Timetable. Click here

Covid Testing Available
01 April 2021

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Action with Communities in Rural England Rural evidence project - Bridekirk Parish
19 February 2021

Action with Communities in rural England. Rural exidence project October 2013.

Rural community profile for Bridekirk Parish

Obviously this information is old, but it is still of interest.

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Footpaths leaflet
31 May 2020

In 2001 Margaret and the late John Thorpe produced a footpaths map of the parish of Bridekirk.

The original was a paper copy, which is now reproduced here as a downloadable document.

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It is interesting to see the photograph of Rook Farm as it was before its redevelopment for housing.