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Benefits to the local community

The developer of the windfarm - Renewable Energy Systems (RES) are making financial contributions to the local community.

Appropriate applications to the Tallentire Windfarm Community Benefit Fund will be considered, and may receive funding if the application meets the necessary criteria. Details are available here.

Residents who reside within a localised area receive an index-linked contribution to electricity supply costs at present amounting to 108 per annum.  Application can be made by phone on 0141 404 5531 or by email to rachel.anderson@res-ltd.com.

Television viewing in a part of the area is adversely affected by the windfarm, and RES provide support in the form of satellite receiving apparatus for those residents who cannot receive terrestrial signals reliably.  This provision is a condition of the planning approval for the windfarm.  Application can be made here.

There are important issues related to actually receiving the financial contribution from the Local Electricity Discount Scheme which can be viewed by following the link above.

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