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Dovenby WI September 2019

President Nita Eubank opened our celebratory Birthday meeting We are now in the 48th year. Member Mary Foster, who was present at the meeting, was also present at the inaugural meeting in 1971!

The minutes, correspondence and a vote of thanks to Evelyn Varty for organising the August trip was quickly covered.

Nita introduced the guest speakers for the evening, vets David and Graeme from Millcroft Veterinary Group.

It was explained that the practice consists of six surgeries throughout Cumbria, offering the best level of care from their highly trained staff.

Both vets gave us a fabulous approach to their jobs. A slide show provided a visual impact into what is involved in looking after pets, farm livestock and more exotic animals like chameleons and snakes. We all enjoyed the quiz, guessing the stomach contents of various dogs, from gravel, golf balls, plastic dinosaurs etc.

Nita gave a vote of thanks, commenting on their dedication and their entertaining approach to a great evening.

To celebrate our Birthday Evening, gateaux were served.

The competition - a photo of a pet, was won by 1) Rosalind Haston and 2) Evelyn Varty.

The entertainment was stand up bingo, which produced yet more laughs. 'Last Man Standing' were 1) Heather Walker and 2) Joyce Thompson.

The raffle was won by Heather Walker.

Meetings are usually held at Bridekirk Dovenby School on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. More details, contact details and a programme are to be found on http://www.bridekirkparish.org.uk/wi


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