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Dovenby WI September 2016

The meeting was opened by President Nita Eubank, followed by Secretary Sheila Martin reading the minutes.

Nita introduced our speaker and talented musician, James Costin from Dearham. James arrived smartly dressed in his kilt. The gifted eighteen year old then introduced the members to the marvellous sound of the bagpipes. His knowledge of the instrument was fascinating. The 'chanter', being the melody pipe, has its sound produced by a reed. The bagpipes also have a 'drone', which produces a constant note throughout play. All of this involves a constant air supply produced from the bag.

This is a complicated instrument, which James can play with such skill and feeling. His Scottish tunes filled the building, which set the members' feet tapping.

The evening was completed with gateaux and rosť wine (with orange juice for the teetotallers).

The competition, a tartan item, was won by Sheila Wilkinson and Nita Eubank.

The quiz was won by Nancy Fearon, Ann Lister and Martha Robinson.

The raffle was won by Pat Harper.

Meetings are usually held at Bridekirk Dovenby School on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. More details and a programme are to be found on http://www.bridekirkparish.org.uk/wi

Contact could be made by emailing wi@bridekirkparish.org.uk


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