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Dovenby WI October 2008

The AGM opened with members sitting down to a Pie and Pea Supper, followed by fresh fruit salad.

The meeting then continued with the normal business of the evening.

The financial report was presented and adopted by Treasurer Anita Birkett.

This was followed by Secretary Pat Harper's report, and President Diana Clark then gave her address and adoption of the Annual Report. She thanked all the committee for their help during the year and also members who helped to make a success of the Cockermouth Cottage Hospital League of Friends Garden Party.

A ballot was taken for committee membership, and all the committee agreed to carry on together with member Lena Slater being co-opted. The Secretary Pat Harper and President Diana Clark also agreed to continue for another year.

The Competition: Speaker and Competition for three months was won by Nancy Fearon, with Mary Foster as runner up.

The Raffle: was won by Julie Rollison.


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