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Dovenby WI October 2007

The October meeting, being the AGM, began with members enjoying the usual pie and pea supper followed by fresh fruit salad.

After the meal the AGM started with Secretary Pat Harper reading the minutes of the 2006 AGM, and then continuing to give her report on the current year. This was followed by Treasurer Anita Birkett giving the financial report together with a statement of accounts to date. President Diana Clark then gave her report for the year and all three reports were adopted and seconded.

The committee all agreed to carry on for a further twelve months.

The annual competition was won by Joyce MacDonald, with Pat Saunders and Nancy Fearon runners-up.

The Competition - "Guest Speaker - Competition" for three months was won by Carole Colquitt with Nancy Fearon runner-up.

The Quiz - was won by Nancy Fearon, Martha Robinson and Julie Rollison respectively.

The Xmas Dinner is to be held at Lakeside Aspatria on December 13th.


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