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Dovenby WI May 2008

The meeting was opened by Acting President Julie Rollison, and Acting Secretary Carol Colquit, who then read the minutes of the April Meeting, which were then accepted as correct.

Proposals for the banning of bottom trawling fishing and for the banning of the imprisonment of the mentally handicapped were discussed and voted on, and both were motions were passed. These matters are to go forward to the national AGM.

The evening continued with members showing their different crafts. Pat Harper, Nancy Fearon, Mary Foster and Jean Moralee all brought different pictures which were embroidered in silk or wool.

Pat Saunders showed several bags made out of cotton, several of which she donated for the raffle. Carol Colquitt then spoke of the work carried out by the Hospice at Home and Macmillan Nurses.

Julie Rollison brought the meeting the meeting to a close by speaking about the tracing of her family tree.

The competition was:- A photo taken when you were young. Fifteen photos were brought and members then tried to match them up. Nita Eubank was the winner - matching all fifteen.


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