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Dovenby WI March 2008

Members had a short business meeting, after which acting President Nancy Fearon introduced Guest Speaker Jane Maggs, who gave a talk on 'A History of Preserving'. She gave a potted history of jam making and preserving, which was originated by the Greeks and Romans, who began by packing quinces in honey, the best of which came from North West Crete.

Quince cheese was then made, to be eaten after a meal to aid digestion.

The first marmalade was made in 1714, with jam also being produced in the 18th century.

From then up to today, recipes for jams, jellies and preserves have hardly changed.

Members ended the evening by tasting some medieval jams and preserves made by Jane Maggs.

A vote of thanks was given by Nita Eubank for a very enjoyable evening.

The competition: A jar of preserve was won by 1) Enid Crerie 2) Carol Colquit and 3) Nita Eubank.

Anita Birkett won the raffle and Nancy Fearon won the quiz.


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