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Dovenby WI July 2011

The evening opened with president Geraldine Baldwin introducing guest speaker Mr S Barnes who gave a talk entitled "For the Love of Honey".

He began by showing slides of the hives, and of different species of bees and their habitats.

Mr Barnes has been bee-keeping for ten years, having inherited his hives from his father. He has twelve colonies, with hives at Braithwaite, Cockermouth and Carlisle. He explained that bees are a female society, and are social animals, with the queen being an egg-laying machine, and not domesticated. The worker bees do all the work and cleaning. They communicate the location of foods sources by dancing either in a circle, or doing a figure of eight, depending on how close the pollen source is. Worker bees have very short life, but the queen can live up for up to five years.

He also explained how bees are very important to the environment, and to the food chain. Mr Barnes showed us the items, which he uses in his work, including a hive of bees, and let us have a taste of his honey.

He ended by thanking the WI for supporting beekeeping, and bringing it to the notice of Government, and getting them on board.

Sheila Wilkinson gave a vote of thanks for a very interesting evening.

The evening was closed with a short business meeting. Secretary Carole Colquit read the minutes of the last meeting, and these were accepted as correct. On the previous evening four members enjoyed an evening at Embleton WI for a light supper and a flower demonstration.

The first prize raffle was won by Nancy Fearon - A large flower arrangement, and Geraldine Baldwin won a spray of flowers.

The next meeting will be a trip to Threave Gardens on August 4th.

The Competition - A honey pot was won by Geraldine Baldwin, with Jean Moralee in second place.

The raffle was won by Sheila Wilkinson.

The Quiz was won by Lena Slater with Nita Eubank and Jean Moralee in joint second place.

Dovenby WI is always glad to welcome new members or visitors. Meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm at Bridekirk Dovenby School.


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