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Dovenby WI July 2010

The meeting was opened by President Diana Clark, and after Secretary Geraldine Baldwin read the June minutes, which were accepted as correct, and then other business was presented.

The Secretary then read the report of the National AGM held in Cardiff, full coverage of which will be in WI Life magazine.

Guest speaker Lorraine Hodgkinson was then introduced, and gave a talk on 'Herbal Medicine'. The training for this takes four years, including 500 hours at different clinics all over the country. The final exams are taken in London, and this covers both written and clinical work. The degree at the end of the course enables the candidate to become a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

People of all ages are treated, and each consultation begins with a full case history, including dietary and family history.

Herbal knowledge dates back to Nicholas Culpepper in the 17th century. Lorraine has over 1000 items in use, the majority of which are of Chinese origin.

A vote of thanks was given by Sheila Wilkinson.

The competition - 'An old Herbal Remedy' was one by 1) Carol Colquit, and 2) Julie Rollison.

The raffle was won by Carol Colquit.

The quiz was won by Barbara Williams, Pat Saunders and Nita Eubank.

The August meeting is to be a trip to Alnwick Castle on August 12th.

Dovenby WI is always happy to see new faces. Meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month at Bridekirk Dovenby


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