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Dovenby WI July 2007

The evening's meeting was opened by the president, Diane Clark. The minutes were read by the secretary Pat Harper.

Our visiting speaker was Kath Norman, a retired Cockermouth School teacher, who gave the members a fascinating talk and demonstration on the 'world of tassels'. We all know what tassels are used for, but surprisingly; the earliest evidence is found on an Egyptian royal tomb painting. Even fertility figures (New Guinea) were showing their 'tasoi'. Kath then went on to demonstrate how to make a tassel. She had her own beautifully displayed examples, some exquisitely done with beads. A vote of thanks was given by Joyce MacDonald, expressing how entertaining and creative Kath was.

The competition - A home made article was won by Pat Harper, second was Edna Brough.

The quiz was won by Susan Allinson with Julie Rollison and Enid Crerie second.

The raffle was won by Anita Birkett.


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