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Dovenby WI January 2009

The meeting opened with guest speaker Claire McAvoy from Allerdale Borough Council speaking about recycling. Allerdale Council have a very successful compost making operation, though the product is not for resale, and is used in the public parks and gardens. Purple bags are now being distributed in the area for plastic, glass and tins. These are sent in bulk to Darwen in Lancashire for separation. There is a good market for glass. Unlike other councils, Allerdale does not need to stockpile. Part of Claire's job is to follow up complaints from the public, and she visits schools to educate on recycling. She ended her talk with a question and answer session.

The evening ended with a short business meeting.

The competition - an article made from recycled material was won by Julie Rollison.

The quiz was won jointly by Mary Foster and Martha Robinson.

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at Bridekirk Dovenby commencing at 7:30pm.


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