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Dovenby WI February 2020

President Nita Eubank welcomed all members to the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted as correct, and a short business meeting followed.

Nita introduced the guest speaker for the evening Richard Bell. Richard is Chair of The North Cumbria Amputee Support Group.

Richard gave us a brief history on his personal journey as an amputee and gave thanks for the wonderful medical team that surrounded him in Australia. Richard pointed out that one of the many things he has learnt as an amputee is to learn to accept help gratefully, and to turn it down gracefully. Richard showed video footage of the pioneering process that stems from the work of the doctors in the 1st World War. Although the basis of prosthesis is still similar, the material and technology is vastly improved allowing greater movement when re- learning to use the new limb.

Carlisle is one of the Top Amputee Centres in the UK with 450 people registered at the Hospital.

The North Cumbria Amputee Support Group have various activities depending on fitness, but struggle with transport and finance. Richard concluded his talk with a video clip entitled, 'Hope for the Future' which showed two children who were an inspiration to all.

Nita gave the vote of thanks for an interesting and informative talk, and how amazing prothesis is. A lot of thanks go to the NHS.

The competition, 'A money box' was won by Cath Bell. The quiz was won by: 1 st Cath Bell & Joyce Bowness; 2nd Joyce Thompson & Anne Lister

The Raffle was won by Cath Bell. Advanced Notice - Celebrating 100 years of Cumbria Cumberland Federation. On Sunday 29th March Wl Allerdale Group will hold a special Afternoon Tea at The Methodist Rooms, Lorton Road.

Meetings are usually held at Bridekirk Dovenby School on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. More details, contact details are to be found on http://www.bridekirkparish.org.uk/wi

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