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Minutes of Bridekirk Parish Meeting held in Bridekirk Dovenby School 14th December 2017

ATTENDEES: Mr S Dumbill (Chair); Mr R Stenson; Mr W Nixon; Mrs C Fossey; Mr M Rollison; Rev M Jackson; Mr I McCambridge; Mr R Coy; Cllr N Cockburn

1.8.17 Apologies received from Mr F Armstrong; Cllr H Graham; Cllr J Farebrother and PCSO A Ostle

2.8. 17 Minutes of the meeting held on 9th November 2017 signed as a true record.

3.8.17 Declarations of Interest. None declared

4.8.17 No members of the public present so no suspension of standing orders

5.8.17 Payments made:
CCC - Room Hire 150 cheque 100882
Lazy Lawns - grass cutting 140 cheque 100881
Resolved that precept should remain at 6,500 per year.

6.8.17 Reports from Outside Bodies
Cumbria Constabulary - report previously circulated
Cumbria County Council - Nobody present and no response to request for update.
Allerdale BC. Application for Broughton went to appeal as out of time. Broughton Park - appeal to take place imminently.

7.8.17 Planning Applications - Broughton appeal letter received and noted.

Tallentire was discussed in terms of number of applications coming forward and the adverse effects of the additional infrastructure on already overstretched services.

8.8.17 Clerks report on activity:
Vodafone are turning off pager service in March to First Responders. Rep from FR will attend February meeting to discuss way forward.
Flooding in Tallentire resulted in village being cut off again.
Toll Bar Cottage - corner where railway was, closed for a week. United Utilities work appears to have had an adverse effect with water and flooding as well as mud and stones on roads not previously affected.

9.8.17 Report on flooding issues. Covered in other parts of tbe agenda

10.8. 17 Bus shelter to be cleaned by NT Cleaners at a cost of 10 per time. First time may be more due to current state it is in.

11.8.17 Non traveller on A594. Update was requested from Cllr Graham but nothing received. If nothing soon then an F.O.I. will be considered to find out what, if any action has been taken and contact with MP too.

12.8.17 M Sport. F.O.I. response received and circulated. Noted that it was incomplete as no information had been included from Environmental Officer or Councillors who had been present. Write again to ask for update and full disclosure.

13.8.17 CCF No update but discussed a potential application for Tallentire for flood defence work and Dovenby for speed signage.

14. 8.17. Next meeting, date and time noted as

THURSDAY 8th February 2018 @ 7.30pm. Bridekirk Dovenby School.


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