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Minutes of the meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held on Thursday 13th December 2018 

Present: Simon Dumbill (Chair); Mr W Nixon; Mr D Hodgson; Mr M Rollison; Mr R Coy; Mr M Buckley; Mr R Stenson; Mr I McCambridge; Mr F Armstrong.

Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1.10.18 Apologies for absence received from; Cllr J Farebrother; Cllr N Cockburn

2.10.18 The minutes of the meetings held on Thursday 8th November 2018 were signed as a true record.

3.10.18 None declared

4.10.18 None present

5.10.18 Accounts for payment approved

  • Rivers Trust £9.44972. Payment from grant received for work on flood defence work.
  • Cumbria County Council –£150 Hire of room for Parish Council meetings.

6.10.18 Reports from outside bodies

  • Allerdale Borough Council – Nobody present, update from Cllr Cockburn received, little activity this month.

  • Cumbria County Council –Nobody present

  • Cumbria Constabulary – nothing received 

7.10.18 Planning Applications – 

  • Ref: HOU/2018/0255, Proposal: Installation of 2 ground source heat pumps Location: Dovenby Cottage, Dovenby. It was resolved to support this application but to note that there was some concern about the level of noise that these may generate 24/7 and the hope that the manufacturers specifications were indeed achievable.

8.10.18 – Clerks report – 

  • Items reported are all being minuted under the appropriate agenda headings in order to facilitate ease of access to information in the future.

9.10.18 Flooding updates – 

  • Tallentire – Nothing to update

  • Dovenby – Nothing to update

10.10.18 – Parish Maintenance –

  • Request to Cumbria CC for the Parish to be allowed to install speed awareness camera’s in Tallentire and Dovenby have both been denied. Mr Hodgson has asked for the appeals process in this as there have been a number of near misses due to speed that are not reported as well as fatalities in the Dovenby stretch of road, so this is not satisfactory.

  • Letter received from Cllr Barbara Cannon, to say that the local authority are wanting to transfer the ‘assets’ of street lighting that is owned by Allerdale Borough Council. Following a lively discussion, it was resolved to instruct the Clerk to write and thank them for the kind offer, but to decline at this time as the Parish Council would not be in a position to accept what could be a very expensive liability. Clerk to copy Chair in to the response.

11.9.18 – Non Traveller Update 

  • The site has now been fully vacated by the non-travellers. It was resolved that the Clerk should contact the highways to ask that there are steps taken to ensure that the site is not easily accessible for any future illegal occupancy, but recognised that this may be a challenge ultimately for a determined person or persons.

12.10.18 – M Sport 

  • Cllr Cockburn has referred the Allerdale Screening Opinion that an EIA isn’t required for M Sports application for holiday lodges at Soddy, to the Scrutiny Panel for consideration.

  • Disappointment but no surprise was expressed by the less than satisfactory response to the E.I.A. received from Allerdale BC. It was resolved that the Clerk should make contact with Cllr Jenkinson but that should then also write asking for more information than has been revealed as the response is not satisfactory and if that fails then to make a complaint to the relevant Ombudsman. The correspondence to the local authority to give a time limited notice period.

13.10.18 – Cumbria Community Foundation  

  • Next meeting will not take place until May/June 2019 so nothing to update.

14.9.18 – Noted date and time of next meeting : 14th February 2019  at 7.30pm, Bridekirk Dovenby School.


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