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Bridekirk Parish Council
Appletree House, Allerby, Cumbria, CA7 2NL

Minutes of the meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held on Thursday 13th September 2018

Present: Simon Dumbill (Chair); Mr W Nixon; Mr D Hodgson; Mr M Rollison; Mr I McCambridge; Mr R Coy; Mr M Buckley; Cllr N Cockburn

Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1.7.18 Apologies for absence received from Mrs C Fossey ; Mr R Stenson; Mr F Armstrong; Cllr J Farebrother; Cllr H Graham

2.7.18 The minutes of the meetings held on Thursday 12th July 2018 were signed as a true record.It was however noted that the response to the email from Mrs J Hodgson had been excluded, it was therefore resolved to include it in the Clerks report for this meeting.

3.7.18 None declared

4.7.18 None present

5.7.18 Accounts for payment approved

  • Grass Cutting -September - 150
  • Mr M Rollison - Domain name 32.99 - it was also noted that there was a small further amount to be paid relating to the website, Mr Rollison will provide the invoice and it will be paid at the next meeting.

6.7.18 Reports from outside bodies

  • Allerdale Borough Council - Cllr Cockburn reported that the new version of the Allerdale Local Plan is being considered by the Executive Council in September and this will be followed by the full Council shortly after. The boundaries of some settlements have changed and these were reviewed by the Parish Councillors. It was resolved that the Parish Councillors would look at this document on line and make comments as although no change to either Dovenby or Tallentire, there appear to be changes to the Bridekirk boundaries. It was also noted that the preferred site for housing development that would have resulted in two distinct communities merging has now been moved to the other side of the settlement which was deemed much more satisfactory.

Cumbria County Council -Nobody present

Cumbria Constabulary - no report received at time of meeting.

7.7.18 Planning Applications - none received

8.7.18 - Clerks report

  • Letter received from Mrs Fossey who is resigning from the Parish Council after many years' service. The Chair expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Parish for the work and commitment shown by Mrs Fossey who will be missed by all.
  • There had been interest shown in joining the Parish Council by Mr Matt Buckley who has been coming to the meetings for some time in connection with the flood work in Dovenby. It was resolved to co-opt him on to the Parish Council with immediate effect.
  • It was further resolved that in order to ensure that there is full access to people to be able to sign cheques when needed that all Parish Councillors will be included in the cheque signatories, when we transfer the account to the Cumberland Building Society. All Parish Councillors will be contacted by the clerk before the next meeting to let her have their names as they should appear on the paperwork to be signed so that she can pass this on to the bank. It was noted that those who do not already bank with the Cumberland would have to go into the branch to show identification as required by legislation.
  • In the previous meeting an email received from Mrs J Hodgson was discussed. She raised points relating to the parking outside the school and referenced the minutes that referred to CCC being in discussion with CCF - this was being handled by Cllr Graham and no further information had been received. Likewise the layby that was referenced was again being dealt with by Cllr Graham who had reported it, It was noted that Mrs Hodgson confirmed that the work would not be carried out as there had been two applications made for funding, but neither had been successful. The final point was around the state of the bus shelter in Dovenby, this was discussed and it was agreed that there needs to be some action taken, however there has been an issue with the people approached to keep the shelter clean (more than one) have always failed to undertake the work. There was no final decision on how this could be resolved.

9.7.18 Flooding updates

  • Tallentire - Mr Rollison reported that he had received an email from Mr Andrew Harrison from County Highways. He is hoping to get a manhole installed, but needs to find where the culvert runs. He is looking to use private land and may approach the wind farm fund, however it was noted that this is now spent up for this year. Mr Rollison also reported that the culvert under Hidden Beck Farm collapsed during the last bad spell of rain.
  • Dovenby - Man from CCC came out There are ongoing issues relating to Snuff Box Wood ' M Sport, under the A594 from Longwood (M Sport) where a culvert has collapsed. Possible potential for Leaky Dam to be installed, but this is really the responsibility of the landowner.
    Mr Buckley also reported that there is still some work to do on the leaky dams that have recently been reported on.
  • Rivers Trust have said they will help to clean silt from the beck in Dovenby and it was resolved to pay for any skips that might be required to remove the debris from the site.

10.7.18 - Parish Maintenance

  • Tallentire Hill now has two areas of knot weed, this is the responsibility of the land owner to have removed
  • Clerk presented some information on solar speed signs, after some discussion it was agreed to contact the company and look for quotes for installation in Dovenby (A594) heading west, possible installed on the street light between M Sport entrance and Dovenby village road and one for Tallentire just before the corner up from the green triangle, when approaching from Bulgill end of the village.

11.7.18 - Non Traveller Update

  • Email received from Cllr Graham assuring the PC that things were moving. It was noted that there seems to be less activity in the layby and it was possible that the non travellers had finally moved on.

12.7.18 - M Sport

  • Further discussion took place regarding the severely redacted documents received from Allerdale BC in response to the request for information on the sound levels. It was resolved that the clerk should make contact with the Freedom of Information Commission with a view to formally complaining about the obstruction of information that is of importance and relevance to the local community.

13.7.18 - CCF

  • Mr McCambridge was able to present a full report of the proposals for funding to go to the next CCF panel, this was welcomed as it is the first time the documents had been received in a timely manner. A full discussion took place and Mr McCambridge was to take the information with him to the next meeting. He is also making available the details of funding given to go on to the parish website. This will be sent direct to Mr Rollison to include.

14.7.18 - Noted date and time of next meeting : 11th October 2018 at 7.30pm


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