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Bridekirk Parish Council

Minutes of Bridekirk Parish Meeting held in

Bridekirk Dovenby School

13th July 2017


Councillors: Mr S Dumbill (Chair); Mr R Stenson; Rev M Jackson; Mr W Nixon, Mr R Coy; Mrs C Fossey; Mr I McCambridge

 Clerk:  Mrs D Cosgrove

Allerdale Borough Council:  Cllr Cockburn

Cumbria Constabulary: Nobody present

Cumbria County Council: Nobody Present








Resignation of Chair, Mr John Graves. Mr S Dumbill read out the email received confirming the resignation of Mr J Graves from the PC due to a change in personal circumstances. The Parish Councillors wished to make an expression of thanks and the clerk was instructed to undertake the purchase and delivery of a token of appreciation.



Appointment of New Chair Rev M Jackson proposed Mr S Dumbill as Chair, this was seconded by Mr R Coy and carried unanimously. 



Appointment of New Vice Chair Mrs C Fossey proposed Mr R Stenson to become Vice Chair, this was seconded by Mr I McCambridge and carried unanimously



Apologies received: Mr F Armstrong & Cllr J Farebrother, Cumbria County Council & Cumbria Constabulary



Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2017 approved and signed as a true record. Proposed:  Mr I McCambridge &  Seconded Mr R Coy



Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda

None declared



Suspension of the meeting for members of the public to speak Mr Robert Bell addressed the meeting re: his drive, which is being used by the members of the public visiting the school for a turning point. Nobody has any money to pay for the repairs to be undertaken. School buses are amongst the users, school and County Council should be supporting. CCF approached by Mr McCambridge, but ownership is an issue as if it is private land it cannot be funded.

Need a discussion with CCC Cllr.


Accounts for payment and discussion:

100865 Lazy Lawns - 300

100866 TG Moor Fingerposts - 1,340

100867- cancelled

100868 Clerk salary & costs to June 436.50

100869 HMRC - 100




Reports from outside bodies

Police no report received, nobody present

Cumbria County Council Apologies received. Clerk requested to get an update on the non-traveller as he has now sited an additional caravan and is running a business on the land.  At meeting on 24th March it was stated that an R77 notice was going to be issued.

Allerdale Borough Council Planning application for Broughton that PC had objected to was refused Planning Permission on a number of grounds. They do have an appeal period. Further information on the Allerdale  Planning Portal.



Planning applications

None on portal at time of writing the agenda



Clerks Report:

Signatories need to  be reviewed and Clerk needs to be able to discuss financial matters with the bank. This needs to be resolved in a future meeting.

Vacancy on PC, proposals of how this might be filled were discussed. Clerk to action.

Defibrillator has now been installed in Bridekirk and Mr R Coy has taken on the responsibility for its oversight.

Clerk declared that she was in the process of purchasing land in Williamsgate that may in the future be subject to a planning application.

Cheque was raised for payment of defibrillator expenses, to be sent once the formal invoice has been received.






Parish Maintenance Issues

Potholes are not being repaired, despite numerous requests. Noted that the more(different) people that complain the more likely there is going to be a result.


Coach Road,m Bridekirk, the saplings are now around 6ft in growth. CCC need to arrange to cut them back.






Dovenby Beck -   Cumbria Rivers Trust did a walk up the beck towards Tallentire there is a lot of silt in there. CRT could do consolidation work. They also did a survey in Dovenby unhealthy, not a lot of wildlife due to the silt being washed down. Need to ask Andrew Harrison at CCC to arrange to clear it out.



M Sport Previously reported that mud on road outside M Sport, where vehicles are coming from muddy site in poor weather, road being washed, but this is resulting in muddy verges, this is still a sporadic issue.



Cumbria Community Foundation Majority of funds now spent, approx. 40-50k left but due to receive a further 30k. This should be available to allocate at the October meeting.



Noted date of next meeting Thursday 14th September 2017  7.30pm




Parish Council Contact  - clerk@bridekirkparish.org.uk
Website contact -
Bridekirk Parish Council, Cumbria