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Bridekirk Parish Council


Minutes of Bridekirk Parish Meeting held in

Bridekirk Dovenby School

11th December 2014


Councillors: Mr J Graves (Chair);  Mr S Dubmill;  Mr F Armstrong; Mrs C Fossey; Mr W Nixon; Mr R Stenson, Mr I McCambridge; Rev M Jackson;

Clerk:  Mrs D Cosgrove

Allerdale Borough Council:  Cllr N Cockburn; Cllr T North

Cumbria Constabulary: Apologies received

Cumbria County Council: Nobody Present








Apologies received:  Mr R Coy; PCSO L Tuck



Minutes of the meeting held on 13th November 2014 approved and signed as a true record. Proposed Mrs C Fossey;  Mr F Armstrong



Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda Rev M Jackson and Mr J Graves, planning application Tallentire Hall.



Report previously circulated.  No local issues raised.



Suspension of Standing Orders to enable Members of the public to speak. None present






Accounts for payment and discussion:

No payments in this period.

Precept for 2015/16 discussed. Resolved that the clerk bring options for the next meeting to be agreed.

Clerk to speak to ABC and prepare budget options


Reports from outside bodies-

  • Brief update given with regard to the lighting for the parish and possible options to be considered.
  • Discussion around the M Sport proposal and views of the Parish Councillors regarding process.



Planning applications

2/2014/0796 Tallentire Hall.  Amended plans.  Further discussion took place. Noted that there is no permission for access to the site via the route proposed. No changes to the views of the Parish Council. Clerk to reiterate concerns to the planning department.


Clerk to confirm with the planning department no change of opinion. Not supportive


Clerks Report:

  • Keys were changed around to reduce access to the notice boards.  Mr Graves will provide new padlocks and the keys will be monitored.
  • Defibrillator, not getting any further with the County Council.  Cllr Cockburn provided email address to follow up with.
  • Replacement bench.  Catalogue brought and agreed a bench to be ordered and delivered to the church.  Plaque will be installed once this is in place.
  • Next meeting to discuss any Christmas dinner for the Parish Council.


J Graves to provide new locks

Clerk to send mail


Clerk to contact and order.


Parish Maintenance Issues

  • Options for street lighting maintenance, either 60 per light per year or pay to replace.  To be considered by clerk in options for the next budget.
  • M Rollison has updated the website and it was noted that this is a very professional looking site.




M Sport Discussion around the timing of the new Development Panel meeting this was felt to be unfair and unacceptable as not all that were affected had been informed and that many had family plans and commitments on the 23rd December.

Noted that the well publicised threat to move all activity out of West Cumbria was putting undue pressure on the Planning Authority to approve the plans and therefore to ignore the concerns of local residents. Letter to be sent in to the Planning Authority.



Cumbria Community Foundation : -  next meeting 25.2.15. Letter to be drafted for the next meeting, to say that there is a feeling that local people should be allowed to exercise their rights to say what money should be spent on not CCF. 

Noise from Tallentire Wind Farm not compliant and this has been confirmed by S Tranter of Allerdale Environmental Team.



Noted date of next meeting Thursday 8th January 2015




Parish Council Contact - bridekirkparish@gmail.com
Website contact -
Bridekirk Parish Council, Cumbria