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Bridekirk Parish Council
Appletree House, Allerby, Cumbria, CA7 2NL

Minutes of the meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held on Thursday 11th July 2019
Present: Mr S Dubmill; Mr R Stenson; Mr W Nixon ; Mr MD Hodgson, Mr F Armstrong; Mr R Coy; Mr M Buckley; Cllr N Cockburn; Cllr J Farebrother; Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1.6.19 Apologies for absence received from, Mr I McCambridge, Mr M Rollison

2.6.19 The minutes of the meetings held on Thursday 13th June 2109 were signed as a true record.

3.6.19 No declarations of interest were made

4.6.19 No members of the public were present

5.6.19 Accounts for payment approved:

  • BHIB for Parish Council insurance 225.62

  • Jackson Hetherington 200 grass cutting July

  • Clerk salary to end of July 2019 400 + 12.38 stamps and stationery

  • HMRC 100

  • Bridekirk Parish Church, 500

6.6.19 Reports from outside bodies

  • Nobody present from CCC - it was resolved to instruct the clerk write asking about the representation.

  • Allerdale BC - An update was circulated regarding the lack of recycling collection and this has been posted on the Parish Website. A resolution had been promised for the 19th July 2019 so further information should be available for the next meeting.

  • Stadium update - There was discussion around the potential risks associated with the proposed stadium agreement and associated financial risk, longer term as the deal included a guarantee of a minimum profit for the private investors.

  • United Utilities - There was a visit by the Development Panel to look around the new treatment plant, very impressive. Cllr Farebrother will seek to have representatives from the PC to also be invited to look around.

7.6.19 Planning Applications

  • No planning applications received during this period.

8.6.19 - Clerks report - Items reported under appropriate minute for easy access.

9.3.1 Flooding updates - Work has been undertaken to increase the size of the pond at Fieldside Farm to hold water during periods of heavy rainfall The money that had been set aside has now all been used up and they are looking at options for further funding. This may include asking the Parish Council for match funding later. Invitation to attend the next meeting was extended via Mr Buckley.

10.6.19 - Parish Maintenance

  • Notice Boards - There was some question around whether the notice boards have been brought up to a suitable standard. It was noted that the damp weather will have impacted on the wood and to shave it off too soon could lead to water ingress.

  • Bridge at Dovenby - this is scheduled for replacement imminently.

  • Trees - It was noted that there are trees growing both sides of the wall linking the beck to the M Sport and these could present a danger of the wall falling. Contact Mr Mullen to request maintenance.

  • Junction at Dovenby- it was noted that the trees at the junction are starting to obscure the visibility for motorists wanting to join the main road.

  • Proposed Speed Reductions - Dovenby Mr Hodgson has been in touch with Laura McLennan. He will investigate further on behalf of the PC to see if this may be applicable to junction and will report at the next meeting.

  • Defibrillator for Dovenby - No Update

11.6.19 M Sport

There has been a complaint submitted to Allerdale BC about the track being used for testing. It had been understood that this would not be the case until the Evaluation Centre was built as this forms part of the noise reduction measures.

12.6.19 Proposed Defibrillator for Dovenby

  • Mr Hodgson will speak to Mr Coy to see if there is potential for the old phone box to be utilised for this purpose.

13.6.19 - Cumbria Community Foundation

  • It was recognised that with Mr McCambridge standing down from the PC next month that it was necessary to find a suitable replacement and it was resolved to ask him to attend so that he can update on the requirements for representing.

14.6.19 - Noted date and time of next meeting : Thursday 12th September2019 7.30pm Bridekirk Dovenby School.


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