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Bridekirk Parish Council


Minutes of Bridekirk Parish Meeting held in

Bridekirk Dovenby School

11th May 2017


Councillors: Mr J Graves  (Chair); Mr S Dumbill ; Mr W Nixon; Rev M Jackson; Mr R Stenson ;; Mr I McCambridge

Clerk:  Mrs D Cosgrove

Allerdale Borough Council:  Nobody present

Cumbria Constabulary: Apologies received -

Cumbria County Council: Cllr H Graham









Apologies received Mrs C Fossey; Mr F Armstrong; Mr R Coy; Cllr J Farebrother; Cumbria Constabulary



Minutes of the meeting held on 9th March and 9th February approved as true records



Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda None



Suspension of the meeting for members of the public to speak Nobody present



Cumbria County Council Cllr Hugo Graham introduced himself. New into the role. Did agree to look into the matter of the non-travellers on the A684 to which there had been an agreement to have them served with a Section 77 notice,


Allerdale Borough Council nobody present

Cumbria Constabulary nobody present but report circulated. It was noted that this seemed rather generic

Cllr Graham to update by the next meeting with progress/action



Accounts for payment and discussion:

  • It was resolved to agree the annual accounts to be submitted to external audit and these were signed by the Chair.
  • Annual subscription to CALC - 180.54 100859
  • AON Insurance - 238.07 100860
  • Green Urban (bracket for defibrillator in Bridekirk) 456 100861
  • Clerk salary 400 + Monies paid on behalf of PC 36 - 436 100862
  • HMRC 100 - 100863




Planning applications

  • Ref: No 2/2016/0751 Applicant Mr Adam McNally, Story Homes, Proposal: Erection of up to 64 dwellings including landscaping, open spaces, access, highways, drainage. Location: Land north of Broughton Park, Great Broughton.  Resolved to object on the following grounds; appears to be outside of Planning guidelines; outside curtilage of both communities of Great and Little Broughton; overburdening of narrow bridge, potentially causing danger spot on the road; creating 1 community of  2 distinct communities; overpowering local amenities.
  • Ref: 2/2017/0192 Applicant: Mr A Skelton, L Skelton & Son Proposal: Agricultural workers dwelling: Resolved to support, with no objectors.




Clerks Report & Correspondence

  • 30mph zone now in Tallentire
  • Work on the finger posts will commence next week
  • Movement, finally on the installation of the defibrillator for Bridekirk






Parish Maintenance

  • Concern that there is still not enough work being undertaken to repair the roads. Clerk reminded PC that members of the public can also report roads that they have concerns about and this may add weight to the decision making process to prioritise the roads in the Parish.
  • I McCambridge will speak to Community Foundation fund meeting on the 22nd May to request potential funding to pay for a turning space for the traffic visiting the school that are currently damaging side of road verges



Flood Group-  No report.



M Sport Nothing further to report,



Cumbria Community Foundation   - No report



Information only: The Chair has decided that this is to be his last meeting of the PC due to his increased commitments on the farm.  The Parish Councillors unanimously extended their sincere appreciation for all the work that he has undertaken over many years. It was resolved to look for a new Councillor, ideally from the Tallentire area of the Parish in order to keep the balance of numbers.



Noted date of next meeting Thursday 15th June 2017 (tbc if school is available) APM at 7.15 followed by PC meeting at 7.30pm  .



Parish Council Contact - bridekirkparish@gmail.com
Website contact -
Bridekirk Parish Council, Cumbria