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Bridekirk Parish Council

 Minutes of Bridekirk Parish Meeting held in

Bridekirk Dovenby School

9th March 2017


Councillors: Mr S Dumbill (Chair); Mr J Graves Mrs C Fossey; Mr W Nixon; Mr F Armstrong;  Rev M Jackson; Mr R Stenson ; Mr R Coy; Mr I McCambridge

Clerk:  Mrs D Cosgrove

Allerdale Borough Council:  Mrs J Farebrother

Cumbria Constabulary: Apologies received

Cumbria County Council: Cllr A Clarke

United Utilities x 3 members of the team








Apologies received Cllr N Cockburn



Minutes of the meeting held on 9th February to follow



Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda None



Suspension of the meeting for members of the public to speak Nobody present



United Utilities gave an update presentation on the work being carried out in the Parish. Agreed that further updates would be provided as the work is undertaken and progressing.



Accounts for payment and discussion:

  • Bridekirk School Rent - 224 cheque 100858




Reports from outside bodies

Police report none received

Cumbria County Council   Traveller site has been there 8 years, Police, ABC, Environmental Health AC & Highways met. Called too late for PC attendance, but wanted to move it forward. ON CCC land but BC health officer has no problems despite there  being no water or sewage on land. Next meeting on site in 2 weeks time. AC has asked for legal advice from CCC. He feels ABC should declare unfit for human health then issue an order to move.. Confirmed that CCC wish site to be cleared of occupancy. PC to get an invite to Mr R Coy for this meeting.

Resolved that R Coy has authority to express the concerns of the PC at the forthcoming meeting.

Cllr Clarke confirmed that they had received request for signage up following the fatal accident, but that this cannot be done until the Coroner has completed his report, this could take several months.

Allerdale Borough Council  Cllr Fairgurn

  • Allerdale has some Government fudning to help set up community land trusts in areas where there are 2nd homes and where YP cannot afford  to buy. Cllr Fairburn to get more information

Cllr Clarke left the meeting at 8.46



Planning applications

  • 2/2016/0106 new dwelling at Home Farm, revised plans No objections
  • Con2/2016/0045  Proposed pipeline United Utilities, Bridekirk. Pt discharge of conditions enabling works for section 7WTW to Quarry Hill only -Noted
  • 2/2017/0101 Grange Farm, Bridekirk, Roof Structure No objections




Clerks Report & Correspondence

  • Clerk to pass on information to R Coy re defibrillator contact.
  • Update re Finger posts and milestones, to be confirmed as going ahead.
  • Seat at top of Tallentire Hill, in poor repair. Paid for by the family of a local resident Mrs C Fossey to get contact details.






Parish Maintenance

  • Verge outside the school is being chewed up by people parking on the verge.  Write to school to ask that parents are asked not to park off the road.
  • Request that Highways install a kerb opposite the school



Flood Group-  No report.



M Sport Nothing further to report, request re mud on the road was sent and discussed with planning control at ABC. Resolved to find out when work on the new phase of the site to commence.



Cumbria Community Foundation   - No report



Noted date of next meeting Thursday 11. May 2017  .




Parish Council Contact  - clerk@bridekirkparish.org.uk
Website contact -
Bridekirk Parish Council, Cumbria