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Minutes of the meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held onThursday 8th March 2018

Present: Simon Dubmill (Chair); Mr R Stenson; Rev M Jackson; Mr I McCambridge; Mr W Nixon; Mr M Rollison; Mr R Coy. Members of the public: Mr M Buckley (Dovenby Resident); Mr D Hodgson (Dovenby Resident) and Ms C Pearson (Rivers Trust); Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)


1.2.18  Apologies for absence received from Mrs C Fossey; Mrs N Cockbun (ABC) Mrs J Farebrother; (ABC) Mr H Graham (CCC); PCSO A Ostle (Cumbria Constabulary)

2.2.18  The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 8th February 2018 were signed as a true record.

3.2.18  No declarations of interest in items on the agenda

4.2.18  There were no members of the public wishing to present to the PC on this occasion.

5.2.18 There were no accounts for payment or discussion for this period.

6.2.18  Reports from outside bodies

·         Allerdale Borough Council – Nobody present

·         Cumbria County Council – Nobody present, email sent saying that joint meeting re: Non-Travellers was being arranged for mid-April. Clerk instructed to send out a reminder that this matter has been going on for some considerable time, and almost a year under Cllr Grahams tenure.

·         Cumbria Constabulary – Nobody present. New PCSO starting soon.

7.2.18  Planning applications – taken from Planning Portal

·         HOU/2018/0033 Gale House, Bridekirk, Proposed development of a single story sunroom extension – Noted – no objections

·         CO13/2016/0045 Application Type Compliance with conditions

Site Address: Land adjacent to Ellerbeck Brow Road, Bridekirk

Proposed Development Compliance of Condition 33 new build on application 2/2016/0045. Scheme section 10, phase 2 Harrot Hill pumping station sub phase 1D 3B    - Noted – no objections

8.2.18  Clerks report:

            Letter received from Mr D Hodgson, requesting consideration for a place on the PC.

            Follow up from the FOI request (covered under M-Sport

9.2.18  Matt Buckley and Caitlin Pearson outlined the proposals to alleviate some of the flooding issues in Dovenby. The PC listened with interest and have expressed their appreciation and support for the wooden structures that are being considered for reducing the speed of water entering into the beck. Ms Pearson was also able to confirm that the work for Tallentire is progressing albeit slower than some may like, but that things are happening.

10.2.18 There is the ongoing battle with keeping on top of reporting of potholes. People are reminded that if they have concerns that some of the potholes could be perceived as dangerous to cyclists and vehicles they should indicate this in any complaint they make.

11.2.18  Cllr Graham had sent in an email report saying that he was trying to organise a joint meeting between the various agencies, but this was felt to be the same information being sent in each month and some time since he had attended meeting. Clerk was instructed to write immediately asking for a proper timeline of expected action.

12.2.18 Further response to the request for information was received. It was felt by the PC to be so relevant that clerk was instructed to copy the outcome in full into the minutes. See below. It was further instructed that she write and ask for specific dates of disclosure and to question whether the letters that had been supposedly hand delivered had indeed been as nobody that was asked appeared to have received one.

Outcome of request for information on noise testing at M Sport.

Public authorities must consider the effect of making information public, not the effect of giving it to a particular requester, when carrying out the public interest test. The ICO guidance states that “…disclosures under the EIR are in effect to the world at large, not just to the individual requester. The requester’s private interests are not in themselves the same as the public interest, and what may serve those private interests does not necessarily serve a wider public interest. Private interests are irrelevant to the public interest test.” 

Regarding protecting the integrity of the decision-making process, we would argue that our officers require a ‘safe space’ in which to reach decisions away from public scrutiny.  Disclosing the material at this stage would harm that safe space. 

The Council appreciates that, in most cases, the ICO does not consider ‘misleading or giving an inaccurate impression’ as an argument for non-disclosure. However, in this instance incomplete noise measurements could be taken out of context and it would be difficult, time consuming and require a disproportionate effort for our officers to correct any impression or provide further explanation to the public. As stated above, this would hinder those officers from completing the work of which the noise monitoring is part. We would therefore maintain that, in this case, ‘misleading or giving an inaccurate impression’ is a valid public interest argument.  

The case is further strengthened where there is an intention to publish the information, as in this case, once the settled view has been agreed. 

Whilst Allerdale Borough Council would wish to be as transparent as possible, we maintain that disclosure at this stage would not be in the public interest.


13.2.18 Two applications for submission to the CCF fund for next meeting. One for a Youth Club in Gilcrux and another for Isel Church.  Discussions around these two applications took place. Update at next meeting.

14.2.18 Noted date and time of next meeting as Thursday 12th April 2018, 7.30pm at Bridekirk Dovenby School.

Meeting ended at 8.51pm.



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