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Appletree House, Allerby, Cumbria, CA7 2NL
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Bridekirk Parish Council Minutes 8th February 2018

Present: Mr S Dumbill, Mr R Stenson; Mrs C Fossey; Mr W Nixon; Mr R Coy; Mr M Rollison; Cllr N Cockburn; Mr H Slater (First Responders) ; 2 members of the public & Mrs D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1.1.18 Apologies: Mr I McCambridge; Mr F Armstrong; Rev M Jackson;Cllr J Farebrother; Cllr H Graham

2.1.18 Minutes- The minutes from the meeting of the 14th December 2017 were signed as true record.

3.1.18 Declarations of Interest - There were no declarations of interest declared.

4.1.18 - Suspension of Standing Orders for Members of the Public to speak.

  • Ms L Tomkins and Mr N Crellin asked that the PC supported the request to United Utilities for a cycle route from the Legacy Fund. It is approximately 750metres long, down towards Redmain/Isel as has previously been discussed. Resolved.
  • Mr Slater came to the meeting to give an update on the future arrangements for the First Responders communication package. This had been anticipated that it would be to provide future options, however Vodafone still have not completed the proposals and therefore it was resolved to defer to the 8th March 2018 meeting.

5.1.18 Accounts for payment and discussion


  • HMRC 100 - cheque 100888
  • Clerk Payment and expenses for quarter ending Dec 17 400 +83.48 (inks, paper, postage etc) - cheque 100884
  • St Bridgets - Parish Magazine advert - 25. Cheque 100885
  • Vodafone - First Responder Pagers - 29.88 - Cheque 100886

It was also resolved to continue with the contract for grass cutting with Lazy Lawns.

6.1.18 Reports from outside bodies

Cumbria County Council - nobody in attendance, but an email update was received and read out.

  • No further news on the removal of the non travellers, will update as soon as he has any more information.
  • In constant touch with highways about the condition of the roads around Bridekirk.
  • Bridekirk also to be included in a speed limit review in Allerdale and also the A594
  • In touch with Highways regarding the puddle that has formed since the United Utilities work has been underway. Highways are looking at a solution with UU.

Allerdale Borough Council -

  • Very little to report this month. Development Panel took place during the period since the last meeting.

Cumbria Constabulary - 

  • Nobody in attendance, no report received. Clerk reported an incidence of vandalism and theft on land off the A595.

7.1.18 - Planning Applications:

  • 2/2018/0007 Mr Michael Harper. Lean to building to store farm machinery. West House Farm, Dearham. No objections
  • 2/2018/0002 Mr Raymond Faulder. Construction of wooden cabin. Retrospective. Land associated with Croft House Farm, west of Dovenby. No objections.
  • 2/2018/0021 Mr Chris Sutcliffe. Listed building consent for the erection of a rear sunroom extension and new pedestrian access. Hiddenbeck Farm, Tallentire. No objections
  • Taken from Planning Portal:
  • 2/2017/0564 Moota Hill Radio Site, Tallentire. Application for prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code systems operators for a mast to be installed. 15m in height x 850mm wide. No objections.
  • 2/2017/0588 Lower Paddock, Home Farm, Tallentire. New detached dwelling. Resubmission of 2/2017/0106 No objections.
  • Discussed:

    Chestnuts, Tallentire, proposals. There was discussion around the concerns relating to this plan for 11 homes. It was felt that a section 106 might be able to include physical barriers to prevent speeding through the village, electricity cabling to be run underground, and the affordable element to be as promised. Cllr Cockburn will support as required.

8.1.18 Clerks report

  • Further contact has been made with Allerdale BC to ask for further information regarding the M Sport sound test. Response was read out for PC. It was basically a holding letter and further response will be sent out when they have the information.
  • Speeding signage. There is a lot of it popping up all over the area, however it is not just a case of purchasing it. Further advice being sought from Ennerdale PC who have recently installed it. Discussed possibly asking for half of the cost from the windfarm funds.
  • Bus shelter still has not been cleaned, even though the contract was awarded. Clerk to chase up.

9.1.18 Flooding issues update

  • There were two incidents reported, flooding at Nicholson's site still really bad, this is being chased up by Cllr Graham and there was a large body of water at Dovenby Mill, so big that ducks have taken up temporary residence.
  • Mr Rollison has been in discussion with the Cumbria Rivers Trust, Caitlin Pearson, she has identified two possible fields for bunds to be installed. She is in discussion with the owner who is not opposed. This is likely to be a joint project with Cumbria Community Foundation.

10.1.18 Parish maintenance - covered across other agenda items.

11.1.18 Non travellers - covered in report from Cllr Graham.

12.1.18 M Sport - No update

13.1.18 Cumbria Community Foundation - No update

14.1.18 Date and time of next meeting were noted as 7.30pm Thursday 8th March 2018 Bridekirk Dovenby School.

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