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Bridekirk Parish Council
Appletree House, Allerby, Cumbria, CA7 2NL
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held on Thursday 9th May 2019

Present: Mr S Dumbill (Chair) Mr R Stenson; Mr W Nixon ; Mr M Buckley; Mr R Coy; Mr I McCambridge; Mr M Rollison , Cllr N Cockburn Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1. Welcome and Introductions.

  • The Retiring Chairman/Vice-Chairman welcomed those present and the Chair presented his report on the year 2018/19 attached as Appendix 1 before standing down formally as Chair and Vice Chair of Bridekirk Parish Council

2. BridekirkParish Council/Declaration of Office.

  • Councillors confirmed as Mr S Dumbill; Mr R Stenson; Mr I McCambridge; Mr F Armstrong; Mr R Coy; Mr M Rollison; Mr W Nixon; Mr M Buckley and Mr D Hodgson. None declared any interests in accordance with the Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012 in relation to this meeting.

3. Apologies. Apologies received from Mr F Armstrong and Mr D Hodgson

4. Election of Chair.

  • a. It was unanimously resolved to elect Mr S Dumbill as Chairman for the forthcoming year.
  • b.The Chairman signed the Declaration of Office Form.

5. Election of Vice Chair.

  • It was unanimously resolved to elect Mr R Stenson as Vice-Chair for the forthcoming year.

6. Formation of Working Groups.

Planning :

  • It was resolved that in the matter of planning applications that may otherwise miss response deadlines, particularly in respect of the new PIP timescales that the Clerk should circulate received information and that those Parish Councillors in the village concerned should give feedback to all with a proposed recommendation based on the knowledge of the impact. The will declare interest as appropriate in an email to all. The remainder of the Parish Councillors can then ‘vote’ using a Poll to be set up by the Clerk for each event. The Clerk will then respond to the Planning Authority based on this result. 
  • Floods/Flooding Mr M Buckley and Mr D Hodgson should be the lead for Dovenby and Mr M Rollison should lead for Tallentire.


  • This should be led by the Chair and the Vice Chair who will be supported by the RFO. They will oversee the work of the RFO and make recommendations as to capital projects to be supported by the PC and budget setting for approval by the full PC.

7. Maintenance Contracts.

  • a. Noted the following contract: - Grass Cutting, Jackson Hetherington  £200 per cutting month.
  • Additional maintenance work will require appropriate quotations depending on the anticipated costs.

8. Clerk's Salary and Expenses.

  • a. Noted the 2019/2020 NALC/SLCC agreed pay increase for Part-time Clerks and  agreed the salary of £11.22 per hour as recommended, with a request that the clerk ensures that she does claim for additional work over the anticipated 15 hours per month. In addition it was agreed that the Clerk should claim back any appropriate expenditure for stationary and other expenses approved for payment by the Parish Council in order to enable her to undertake her duties. It was also requested that a vote of thanks be minuted for the work that she has undertaken on behalf of the Parish Council. .
  • b. To note the Clerk’s Salary and level of expenses is £2,000 per annum plus approved expenses supported by receipts as indicated in 8a above.

8. Banking arrangements.

  • It was resolved that the ‘banking arrangements’ for the year  will continue with HSBC but with a letter to be sent to the bank requesting access to internet banking for the Clerk, Chair and Vice Chair and to add each Parish Councillor as a named signatory but with a minimum of two signatures for the cheques and these should only be signed when agreed by the Parish Council and or in an emergency that the Clerk should notify all, but get the authority of the Chair and/or Vice Chair or a majority of remaining Parish Councillors if both are unavailable.

9. Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the Year ending 31 March 2019.

  • a. The Clerk gave a brief report confirming compliance with all financial and audit requirements..
  • b. Resolve that the Clerk is the Responsible Finance Officer for FY2019/20.
  • c. Resolved to accept the financial report and agree that the Chair sign off the annual accounts for submission for FY19/19. This was undertaken during the meeting.

Meeting closed at 7.50pm

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