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To All members of the Council


You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Parish Meeting of the Bridekirk Parish Council to be held on Thursday 13th July 2017 at Bridekirk Dovenby School for the purpose of transacting the following business:  

D N A  Cosgrove  

Clerk to the Parish Council


1.4.17   Chairs Report for 2016/17

2.4.17    Appointment of Chair

3.4.17    Appointment of Vice Chair  

Close of A PM  

4.4.17    Apologies received

5.4.17    Approval of the minutes from meeting held 11 May 2017

6.4.17    Declarations of Interest

7.4.17    Suspension of the meeting foe members of the public to speak

8.4.17    Reports from Outside Bodies

         Cumbria Constabulary

         Cumbria County Council

         Allerdale Borough Council

9.4.17   Accounts for payment and discussion

         Lazy Lawns 300

         Fingerposts TBC

         Clerk to June (3 months) 400 + expenses 36.50

         HMRC 100

10.4.17 Planning applications . None at time of writing  

11.4.17  Clerks report and correspondence

12.4.17  Parish Maintenance

13.4.17  Flood Group Report

14.4.17  M Sport

15.4.17  Cumbria Community Foundation

16.4.17 Date of next meeting 14th September 2017 7.30 Bridekirk Dovenby School




Parish Council Contact  - clerk@bridekirkparish.org.uk
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Bridekirk Parish Council, Cumbria